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We are a team of private chefs based in Tuscany, between Arezzo, Siena and Florence, specialized and always passionate about our traditional Tuscan cuisine.

Our aim is to spread the love for this simple and natural cuisine to all those who want to discover the pleasures of these ancient flavours.

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Cooking  Service


Our service starts from menu planning for an authentic Tuscan traditional dinner, made of fresh organic products from our vegetable garden, then We will care about the cooking and table service, it can also include both breakfast and lunch or dinner.

We are extremely careful about food safety, and our menus always include solutions to meet those who have allergies or intolerances.

We also deal with service for ceremonies such as small weddings, as well as birthdays, and other similar events.

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All around Tuscany

Liliana’s is a team of private chefs based in the Valdarno region in Tuscany, who are passionate and specialized in traditional Tuscan cuisine and pasta.

With a wealth of experience in the culinary industry, these private chefs are highly sought after for their expertise in catering to private villas, homes, and events throughout Tuscany, including in the cities of Florence, Siena, Pisa, Livorno, Grosseto, Massa Carrara, Lucca, and Prato, as well as notable locations such as Arezzo, Cortona, and the Chianti region. Moreover, Liliana’s team also caters to locations in the north of Umbria, expanding their reach beyond Tuscany to serve even more clients.

Whether you are looking for a private chef to cater a special occasion or simply want to enjoy a delicious and authentic Tuscan meal in the comfort of your own home, Liliana’s is the best choice for you. They are not limited by location within Tuscany and the northern part of Umbria, ensuring that no matter where you are in these regions, Liliana’s can provide their exceptional culinary services.

They also offer catering services in the Tuscan region, ensuring that their clients have access to the very best in local and traditional Tuscan fare. So, if you are in need of a private chef in Tuscany or the northern part of Umbria, look no further than Liliana’s.

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Cooking Class


About Liliana’s

Liliana is an award-winning chef in Tuscany, and her story has its roots in the countryside where as a child she lived with only the fruits that nature brought.

She gathered vegetables with her mother and took eggs from their chickens, and with her grandparents she brought his own grain to the mill to obtain flour, and with the picked olives,they obtained their extravirgin olive oil.

Today liliana created her team adding Elena, Marco and Gabriel and their mission is to revive in their clients, the emotions of the past with her Tuscan cuisine.


Your wedding celebration with our tailored catering services.


Discover the genuine charm of agricultural life with an immersive experience on a farm, where the magic of peasant simplicity is renewed every day.

Organize your corporate or spiritual retreat with us, enjoying the fresh vegetables picked directly from the garden, up to the fresh eggs of the day and the natural wine without additives.

See us in work clothes, with muddy boots, after a day spent in the vineyards.

Join us in creating traditional dishes, such as rolling out dough or kneading pizza, celebrating the unique flavor of our wine.

Experience the enchantment of a sunset that colors the countryside, tasting the fruit of our labor in a glass of excellent wine.

Cooking Class

“Crying as you cut the onion all together,

laughing with your hands stuffed into the dough
beside the grumbling pot,

will make you experience that treasure you will want to take home. “


at the Heart

Here at Liliana’s we select the vegetables to plant and grow, based on the season and the service we want to offer in our genuine cuisine, and also bread and pasta are always homemade.

We grow thanks to customer satisfaction, for this reason the most vital thing for us is to give a unique experience worthy of this place

We love Tuscany and we love the cuisine of our land and our job is to give you a wonderful experience in this unique place.

People Experiences

The cooking class with Liliana, Elana and Marco was my favorite part of our trip to Tuscany!  I learned so much!  The best part of this experience was coming away with new friends in Italy.   Liliana made all of us feel like her family.  She brings such a warm and loving approach to a cooking class.   I highly recommend Liliana to anyone looking for a complete cooking experience (and a forever friend!).

Debbie Talley

A group of 20 from the USA rented a villa in Tuscany for two weeks in September 2022. I was the planner for the trip and connected with Liliana through a Facebook page several months before the date of the trip to inquire about her services for cooking us dinner the evening of our arrival and subsequently a cooking class at the Villa at a later date.Liliana was so responsive to my every question and concern, including planning the menu, attending to travelers food allergies and all of the logistics that come with the services. At the last minute, only days before our arrival we had a glitch that left us arriving early but no way to have lunch. Liliana immediately solved the issue by coming early and preparing a delicious light lunch for the wary travelers.Dinner thst evening was delicious as well. Liliana and her staff Elena and Marco were a joy, completely in control of the cooking, the service and the cleanup. On the last day of our vacation, Liliana and her staff came back to the Villa for a cooking class. Such a fun day and a special memory of this vacation. We learned to make Pumpkin flan w Parmesan cream sauce, Picci pasta with tomato garlic sauce, eggplant parmigiana and apple cake. Liliana is a wonderful teacher and the food was delicious.
I would highly recommend Liliana to cook for your group and also to teach you to make some her delicious recipes. Thank you Liliana, Elena and Marco for adding something special to our vacation in Tuscany.

Sharon Sambito

El mejor curso taller para el alma, de pasta y cocina italiana, así describo el aprendizaje con Liliana, fue un día lleno de sabores y aromas nuevos, lleno de lecciones para la vida, que se traducían en un sentimiento de hogar, entre risas y llanto (al picar cebolla) Liliana nos explica qué, hacer pasta es una forma de terapia, picar cebolla es la cura para quien no puede expresar su llanto, cocinar es el mayor acto de amor que alguien le puede dar a otra persona, y de ahí que aprender con ella, sea tan catártico, nos muestra su pasión y amor por la cocina, y es en este momento cuando la alquimia de los aromas, texturas y sabores toma forma.
Cabe mencionar que soy Méxicano y he quedado maravillado con lo fragante que son las especies en Italia, su albaca o basilico, tiene notas de canela, menta, y albaca, de otra dimensión esta experiencia, pero a eso le sumamos el buen manejo de las harinas para volverlas pastas, y la magia propia del fuego, terminaremos probando y cocinando, la mejor pasta.
Tengo solo buenos recuerdos de este día, si pueden tomar sus cursos o probar la cocina de Liliana, les garantizo no solo comerán rico, comerán amor.


We so value Liliana when she comes to cook with us and our guests in Tuscany.  She is an absolute delight and coped well with our guests ‘banter’and different skill levels, imparting her knowledge and passion for the ingredients and processes we were using, with generosity and obvious joy.   After our discussion of dietary needs for the group of 10, Liliana thoughtfully prepared an extensive menu for us all to enjoy – so everybody felt included.  Seasonal produce has been the star of our cooking sessions – including herbs and greens from Liliana’s own garden, creating wonderful pasta and sauces that were moped with our own bread, up by hunger eaters. 

With her happy smile, It is always a pleasure to have her company at our property and we look forward to the next time … my mouth is watering already!

Michelle Reid

Villa Cicogna



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